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deep sea characters


In an underwater world in the everyday ocean life off the coast of South America, lives Poopah, the extraordinary octopus boy! With eight tentacles brimming with curiosity, his radiant smile, and his bright eyes that reflect the wonders of the ocean, sometimes Poopah explores colorful reefs, gliding among dancing seaweed, making new marine friends with every stroke, and learning about his natural habitat.

With a mind full of curiosity and the ability to change color according to his mood, Poopah dives into underwater adventures, spreading knowledge and bridging the gap between his environment and humans.

Breaking Dance
Header olympic Breaking-01.png

Olympic Breaking Dance

Concept for art focusing on the Breaking Dance modality at the Olympic games

Money, diversity and comm
head and parts-02.png

Thinking about diversity and access for all people, both to money and the monetary connections that make it easier for it to get into our hands, go around the world and come back to us through technology.


ODDIE, The Old Sailor

The great sailor sails the sea in pursuit of a dream. The irony of it all is that, even confined within a boat, he will always be in touch with pure freedom.


Oops, Better Stay Right Here!

A boy dreams of great adventures, but he never imagined an adventure like this!​​​​​​​